100_1665 100_1659 MONSTA METTING__ in THe weeekend Me, JAR and some friends from otak kanan recall to meeting MOnsta Sesions..what it reminds us of what it is or monsta monster__???... this is the case that we make in the form of wheatepaste in the Bus Shelter unused in Karawaci City Tangerang.. grrrrr ..... grrrrr ... this is the our nightmare ...!!!!!. The monsta paper wheate...!!! SOME PHOTO SHOOT BY DICA cek this FOr More FREAK..!!!!


maulani said...

SADIS!!! Gila gambarnya.. Menginspirasi nih. heheh.

Mulo said...

ehheee menginspirasi ga bisa tidur yah dita yah__ehhehhehehhee

haturnuhun jenggg :)