Stupido "LOVE" Robo..

Legal space, in some places in Jakarta are sometimes used in vain. No exception in the form of advertising posters taped A3 any fee that is using public space to prevent them from taxes. ok .. Give me a space, too, for Giving a love. Stupido Love Robo is a replica of love, from my contempt of love. Machine love reflected through the media to give love wheate paste more than just billboards. At night mulo and jar, out to respond to love at the end of February 10. This is our love of public space, which can change the order of the city by providing a space of beauty with love. Share/Bookmark


xiu said...

awassss kena ciduk satpol pp wkwkwkwk..

Mcdoans Jack said...

keren bang! hehe salam kenal dari mcdoans