VINYL Attack..!!!

Vinyl Attack is a project of the Gardu House, which invited several artists to challenge their ideas on the Vinyl. They have their own mission in this first project, on behalf of glorifying Vinyl back as a milestone Culture scene. This is also the launch of Gardu house as well as the house itself is a community center. and entry artist THIS And this is a form of support mulo to be part of this Project. Mulo gave a scream and a desire to return back to the spirit of previous Vinyl. Turn back to the house. Provide an important message that a return to the past, a necessity that will provide typical in the future. Another Recap cek this Share/Bookmark


Dita Maulani said...

Ah! Pengen banget kesini mas tapi ngga ada teman, huu. Cupu ya.

she terror said...

yello.. waw, whutta kewl stuff you made there.. ;) collabo? SURE.. please leave me a message.. sheterror@Yahoo.com

guno said...

keren mas karya vinyl sampean.. merinding disko dah..