"Mulo Soulrounded"

Indonesians Vektor Fighters Invited Mulo for a project inspired Callender 2011.
Being part of the Indonesian fighters vector, it is fun. With the same love of the vector, is the soul of the artist on this project. Soulrounded was the inspiration on this project.
Imagination of jokes, a touch of antagonistic souls around. I want to give a message, however hard the antagonistic all around you and full of friction.
Be someone who is calm and stay in touch with your friends is the best. Be a friendly soul.

Check out More works artist list in this project. it’s seriously amazing .
You can Downloaded this Callender in invektorwetrust.com

A huge thanks to Amenth Thmd and RieTracelandVectorie for the opportunity!



nicepupud said...

karena ga ada shoutbox nya, jwb disini aja ha.. makasiiih ya mulo..
btw, kalendernya berasa pingin aku cetak sebaliho tempel di tembok -.-

Ardi Amada said...

Benar2 fresh and Fun lihat Kalendar gaya macam ini :D