A Boy Tv Junkle

foto from Indieguerillas  by Tony Ariawan

Well, You know the post before this, From the event "HAPPY shocks, shakes victim, GUERRILLAS RAWKS", Indieguerillas launch of The TV EYE which is the latest a new Gen from their artwork. And makes me surprised, I think Tv Eye is not just toys, even more than that tucked filosophy own. From start to a head of television, the two different hand and have back of his body that are similar winged, the wings of Gatot Kaca ( A local hero figure). Its A Rawks  Toys Local Figure. 

And I'm so glad to be part of this events. This is my interpretation, about the TV eye itself. Without prejudice to the sanctity of the original Tv eye. I was a portrait of a Boy Tv Junkle who was trapped in a wild forest atmosphere of pleasure, lies, false fame hegemony, monopoly, until  sometimes trap junk food advertising on television.
Everything stated above the head of television, which in wild forests described as the brain and memory recall.
I divide it into two parts. With clothes and let him fully naked with tattoos on the views of television.
So we are a true Television Lovers, Food, and Music lovers.

foto from Indieguerillas  by Tony Ariawan

foto  by Amalia kartika ( loveshugah )
foto from Indieguerillas  by Tony Ariawan

Ok for you  have not had time to come from a launching, you should see this. More great Tv in here
Or, for a Recap you can check more photo and about the philosophy of the TV eye itself on Fans Page Indieguerillas

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