Massive Paste II

Massive Wheatepaste strike back. Currently, we hit it in Jakarta. Some artworks from the contributor collected more than the first. As you know, Me and Eno FFD make this great project to be sustainable. And they are the contributor : Ajiraiya, Maruciel, Fabiko, Tracelandvectorie, Tinx, Hafiedz, Hellmons, Robikucluk, BLAVCK, area105, itungamakanbuah, FredC2209, Subjektzero, FlowIsKing, a2910, Yuschaf, rifani89, SingPenThinkHappy, R4pro, ILOVEYOUYEAHYEAHYEAH, Isa Panic Monsta, Andi Syncronize, Callmeirenz, Mega Hell, Rizkipriya, R. Hakim Joy the wall, and see you soon next chapter 

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